All programs start at 8:10 PM

Coffee at 6:30, Business Meeting at 6:50

Small groups begin around 7 PM




May 5 - To Be Determined

Programs for May are in the planning stages so they are not confirmed.  Please listen to the weekly announcements for the next program.

May 12 - To Be Determined


May 19To Be Determined


May 26 - Memorial Day Picnic at 6:30

Bring a bag lunch and we will supply beverages and dessert.  (Small group meetings will take place about 7:30.)



~~~~ HELP ~~~~ HELP ~~~~ HELP ~~~~ HELP ~~~~ HELP ~~~~ HELP ~~~~


The Program Committee is always looking for suggestions for programs and people to join their committee. They need help coming up with program ideas, phoning or emailing prospective speakers, and preparing the program page for the newsletter.  Contact Beverly Rinello if you're interested.

As with all committees, the more people you have help, the less each person has to do!!!


~~~ THANKS ~~~~ THANKS ~~~~ THANKS ~~~~ THANKS ~~~~ THANKS ~~~